Still from 'Perfect Choices'
Hello All!! I revamped the site today to add some stills from 2 more projects that I got back today.  I also made a seperate section for Headshots/Acting stuff and Modeling shots, which I've been getting more into lately courtesy of ModelMayhem.com. 
Project update wise, the first that I've gotten back is "Perfect Choices", a short that I shot about a year ago in which I played Emily Kraig, an sweet and well-meaning woman who meets her soul mate in the hospital while both are visiting their respective spouses.  They discuss how, if it were possible they'd both go back and make different choices, as neither feels supported in their relationships.  Fast forward to a year later, and they are happily married...that is until the police show up to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Emily's 1st husband, and we realize she may not be as innocent as she seemed.
The second is Immaculate (formerly referred to here as "13 Stations" or "7 Sorrows") which the director was lovely enough to give me a few scenes.  It really is just a 1st draft, so it won't have all the fun special effects that it will have eventually, but I think the quality is still really beautiful.  I've never seen myself on Film before!!  This was the project in which I played Amanda, a girl who is on the run from a mysterious supernatural force that is pursuing her relentlessly.  While the story itself is suspenseful, what made the project unique was the romantic, sweet, and innocent relationship between Amanda and her boyfriend Tristan, who tries to protect her despite not understanding what is going on at all.  Shot on film with a crew of about 30, a larger budget than I've had to date, and an amazing location all to ourselves made this one of my biggest shoots to date. 
The last two weeks saw the death of my computer, which made the goal of editing my reel pretty much impossible.  Now that I have a new computer, new headshots (being retouched right now!), and these new projects hopefully I'll have a reel by the end of the week!! Also this week I'm shooting with Flight 33 Productions again on Thursday (my first shoot with them was When Aliens Attack).  I also got the shoot dates for a new feature that I'm shooting in August, and might be working towards a larger role in another feature shooting the same month.  Fun things on the horizon!!

Oh goodness, I've already fallen behind on this.  13 stations (now called 7 sorrows, probably) was a really intense shoot, but we wrapped and I couldn't be more excited to see the final product.  After day one I was a little hesitant, honestly, about whether or not I was "getting my job done".  I think I was just not used to that kind of directing/being so careful blocking wise.  After day 3 I realized that i REALLY liked it.  It was so interesting, being given different motivations for each take, even when the camera wasn't even on you.  I think day 1 I assumed she gave me different motivations because I wasn't getting it done, she wasn't seeing what she needed.  Come to find out...it was just a way of keeping the process fresh.  Instead of repeating a performance, giving us just that little tweak while still maintaining the character made it interesting, different, and something for the other person to play off of.  It also made it fun, despite them being sad/emotional/scary scenes, which is hard to accomplish sometimes.

Working with  Cameron Deane Stewart (IMDB him!) was a fun and unique experience in and of itself.  He's younger than any male lead I've ever worked with...but REALLY very good.  Its funny working with someone who brings the same level of intensity that you do (or try to do), but who is actually very personable and thoughtful at the same time.  During the shot where I'm actually underwater for as long as I can hold my breath, he was behind me, steadying me...offering towels.  Making sure my skirt didn't come up because I was really self conscious about that.  These sound like little things, but they all equal an actor being thoughtful of his costar, which I think is more rare than I realized.  He also never complained about picking me up EVERY day, multiple times...so that made me happy!! I'm excited to see what else comes from him...I think I've never worked with someone who I just KNOW is going to make it.  But I think I can say that about him.

so yes, wrapped on this film.  Great experience, and ready for the next!!
So after a few crazy days of rehearsal/fittings/blocking/work...We had our first day of shooting.  The location is amazing, in this really old eerie haunted house type of place.  It has all of these hidden type rooms, and I would always be surprised when another member of the crew ( of 27) would emerge from what I thought was a wall/window/weed patch.  Its really a great location, and makes my job easier.
The first day of a shoot is always interesting.  You shake hands with a ton of people and try to get how the vibe is going to be, and how everyone works.  This was my first film shot ON film...which was a unique experience terminology wise...also it takes more work lighting wise.  We did way more rehearsals, and way fewer takes. 
I'm very excited for another day tomorrow, but equally as excited to wash the baby oil out of my hair (used to achieve that "wet look" for..12 hours.  More to follow!
How fun that i booked a job the day after launching my site! Found out that I will be working on a short film this coming week entitled "13 Stations" in which my character, Amanda, is on the run from a mysterious force.  Production meetings start this weekend, rehearsals next week, and we shoot weds-sun.  So excited for the busy busy week ahead! More info to follow!!