So I am on the hunt for new headshots, and after also deciding to pursue modeling my friend Nicole Iizuka graciously offered  to use her new gorgeous camera to do a random spontaneous photo shoot with me!  Not expecting a whole lot, I went in with the clothes that I would normally use on a shoot, just to see how they photograph.  Well after about 2 hrs with her, and another friend holding a light bounce was I wrong! Some of the shots are great, she was SO much fun to shoot with...and i have some really awesome friends.  Please keep in mind that I did my own makeup, but wasn't great about theres some def smudging that would need to be retouched.  I'll probably do another round of headshots soon, but I got some great shots of some of my fringe types that I've been wanting to expand upon! Here are a few of them for you to see:
Also for your viewing pleasure...Nikki's super awesome wow Special Effects Gave me A fireball.  Be Afraid.
Hello all!  At the recommendation of some coworkers, I joined Model mayhem today, and am waiting for my profile to be accepted! I've done some modeling, and have always wanted to expand and do more.  I appreciate how much having a solid acting background helps for modeling shoots as well...its the same level of collaboration, and the ability to put yourself into a scenario that isn't really there.  Plus makeup and clothes are fun too.

In other news, I was finally able to do my ADR session this week with  the director of the film "7 Sorrows" which it seems might get a new name change soon.  First of all, I've done this sort of work before, but never in SUCH a professional environment.  I knew when they enclosed me in my very own padded cell that I was in for some fun.  Turns out syncing up to yourself whilst not in the same emotional mindset while trying to add/take away words but match up mouth movements is...hard.  Who knew!?  Funniest was when I had to make drowning/pain that point I was happy to have the door of my "cell" closed...cause I'm pretty sure I looked caraaazay.  Fun Times!