Oh my, lots of fun things on the agenda today,  First and foremost I got another callback for a commercial, so that is good that at least I am...starting to get the hang of this very different type of audition style. 

Also I heard from the director of "the Famous Joe Project" Eli Rarey, and the film is almost completed in post and ready to screen, which is always so fun!  My character is similar to the guy in Cloverfield...in that you see me for about 2 seconds but I am supposedly "holding the camera" for much of it.  I feel like it was a really daring and ambitious script so, it'll be fun to see the finished product.

I had one of those fun auditions today where you walk out with the conclusion that A)that was fun and B)I wonder if i walked out and casting looked at each other and said "hey, that girl might just be crazy"  It was an interesting audition in that it was for a music video, and they wanted us to play 2 different girls.  one good girl and one bad girl.  They specifically asked us to bring wardrobe and props for each...so I came in as a Zooey Deschanel type and left...in a very short black dress with shoes with chains on them.  What made it fun was that they asked me questions that I had to answer in improv of each character...so fun.  I was also the first of the morning so, that may have contributed to the whole "that was great, thanks so much" in a higher pitched voice from them....eh.  I tried.  It was super fun and I guess we'll see. 

In other news, I've started shooting a webseries for the girls of 3SG...its a really small project but I think its a fun one, and not about weird actors in LA so...that's a nice change.  A lovely actor named Vanessa Viviane Ledesma (who I met on the set of Glee!) actually offered me the role in the series (written by Julie Henderson, who also plays one of the main girls).  I play the nemesis to the hero girls...so naturally I'm kind of an awful mean sorority girl with a penchant for abusing pledges.  I know some actors dislike being the villain but...man...i really kind of get a kick out of being the bad guy!  Below are a few candid shots from around set...of course I'm around the craft services table.  In red bootie shorts, obviously!